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Thank you for visiting!Thank you for visiting!Thank you for visiting!

We celebrate life emerging from the ashes of the 2019/20 Australian fires.

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What this site is all about

About Me

My name is Gerald Haslinger and I live with my wife in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia.   After losing our house in the January 2020 bushfires, we were determined that from the ashes of our house, a new home and new life would flourish.   

This website contains a selection of images that capture our experience as well as signs of the emerging life that is now beginning to flourish on our property.   I will continue to add images to this page as "life" continues to speak more clearly around our new home.    

As a local psychologist, I wanted to create a platform where anyone affected by the Australian fires of 2019/2020 could share a visual record of some of their experience to help them, and us all, process the impact of these fires over the summer.  So, I invite others affected by these bushfires to contribute any images they may have by contacting me via email:

The Photos

Initially, these photos have been provided by me, however, I hope that others will share some of their images and as this happens, I will add more and more pictures to this site.   

Hopefully this becomes a place for anyone who lost their home during these bushfires to share their experience and as a result, help them come to terms with their loss.  We all process our grief in different ways.  Some by talking about what happened, others by writing about it and still others, in unique ways I can't even imagine.  For me, documenting the journey has been helpful.

Whilst I don't expect that contributors here will be professional photographers, some of the images in this collection may be enhanced to create a more artistic reflection of what happened.   Some of my images may be enhanced to reflect the mood of the photographer at this time.  

Looking forward to some contributions from others!  Get creative and please share some of your journey with us, if you feel ready to do that and it helps in your recovery.

Accessing Images

Should you see these images & wish to access them for your own personal use, I invite you to get in touch via email:

When you get in touch, please let us know who the photographer is, the image number and what you are willing to donate in order to use the image.   You will be granted permission to use the image on your electronic devices and to produce up to three prints for personal use.

Should you wish to use any of these images commercially, please get in touch via the same email address.

The bulk (90%) of donations for other contributors will go to the contributor of the image.  

I will also share any donations made for images I have provided with others who lost their homes in the Southern Highlands.  Those of us who were insured, may find that the costs of rebuilding are a struggle given that the quality of building codes in bushfire affected areas has improved and increased the cost of building significantly and of course, some people have no insurance at all.

NSW Bushfires of 2019/2020

Contact us today to contribute your own images or to make a donation to use an image.

Contact Us

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Or you can write to us via snail mail!

We are passionate about supporting others affected by the bushfires, particularly in our neck of the woods, the Southern Highlands.

Please feel free to get in touch if you were affected by the fires and need to chat with someone who knows what you went through or if you need assistance.

There is help in our community and we have benefited from the amazing generosity of those around us.  Please know you are not alone on your recovery journey.

From The Ashes

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